Modern Athens Greece

Modern Athens Greece

Modern Athens Greece

Modern Athens Greece

Modern Athens Greece
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I lived in Athens for several years before I made the decision to move to Greece; it was very hard for me then, too, to adjust to the speed of life there, with its constant greetings at ” dinner time ” and ” underwear time ” and going to the beach with a roll of toilet paper trailing in wake behind you for a whole month – it was no way to live. Modern Athens Greece

And Athens is a big city. Modern Athens Greece

It is true. Athens is a magnificent city.But the pace of life here is slower than in other European cities. Modern Athens Greece

By this time I should have known, by the by, that life there would be slower there.

No . . . I did not think so. Modern Athens Greece

I foolishly took a job in the resort area of Mylai in the West of Greece. This was during the height of the tourist season, and I needed the work, but I was content to stay as long as I was young and enthusiastic enough to have the job in spite of the routine commuting (by bus or taxi) to Athens every Monday to Friday.

And so I stayed, and worked, and waited for the next tourist season, which I anticipated to begin in my early forties, when I would be in my fifties, and then I would finally retire. Modern Athens Greece

Then it happened, as I was turning fifty, that a stroke of luck brought me back to Athens. I had been traveling frequently in Europe, and had a small window of time before retirement when I could afford it.

Anyway, the timing was good.

My friend Koulouka came to see me in Athens. We sat on the rooftop of the hotel we were staying in and chatted. I mentioned that I was going to retire in the West. He said he felt the same.

Would I have liked to have had my friend in tow? Oh, yes. Definitely. I felt very comfortable with Koulouka, who heard Greek, and although he could speak English, spoke it with a heavy accent, so I probably made his life easier. We talked about the New Year’s party we were throwing together to cap off our first year in Greece together.

I told Koulouka that was going to be my last party in Greece before I retired. I figured that the New Year’s party following my death would be the last.

The next day I excused myself from the job and set out on my journey. I have never been back and I have no plans to ever return. The old noise of the city has been replaced by the new sounds of tavernas and street performers.

I arrived safely in definitive mode. I have crossed the Atlantic, the Aegean, waterways, mountains, and seas. I have traveled the length of South America and Australia. Now I have returned to the oldest city in the world.

Thinking how special this city is and how long it has existed speaks volumes about how beautiful it is. Rome wasn’t built in a day, hills not only rise up to heaven but cities too require time to complete their transformation.

I am fully aware of the fact that Rome is a tourist city. vernight I was given my first glimpse of the infamous Coliseum. We piled in the little SpanishGalaxy with navigational beaming from its 25-foot diameter blackboard and bright orange verging on the sides to warn us of coming craters. The ride was so devoid of actual enjoyment that I was willing to wait until the next morning to complete my journey across the scarlet city.

I would recommend traveling in a small car or parked car to avoid the afforestational congestion. The city is simply too large to be trifled with in a mini. Allow yourself extra time to acclimate. Leave plenty of extra time for wandering, sightseeing or exploring. The center of the city is easy to walk around and there is so much to experience. Leave a full day for a start.

For a city whose history is as intriguing as its present, Rome affords an extraordinary range of activities. Truly international, this Ethopia is home to an astonishing array of sites and sounds. Truly historical, Rome combines the best of old world charm and the best of the new world. Come here and see for yourself.

Modern Athens Greece