I will give 25 points and brainy from right answers (Please answer all!)!!!(Use the first picture) 1. Which pair of angles is a liner pair? A. "Angle" KRE and "Angle" ERT B. "Angle" ERT and "Angle" MRC C. "Angle" MRC and "Angle" KRM D. "Angle" KRC and "Angle" CRH(Use second Image) 2. The lines intersect at point HFind m"Angle"BHR A. 40°B. 50°C. 85°D. 90°(Use third image) 3. The lines intersect at point M.What is the value of X?A. 20B. 35C. 105D. 1284. An angle measures at 41°. What is the measure of its complement ?A. 39°B. 49° C. 129°D. 139°(PLEASE ANSWER ALL!!!))

Accepted Solution

1. D.  because the angels of KRC and CRH added together is 180 degrees. Which equals a straight line.

2. Answer is A . BHR is equal to NHD, so it is 8x. But we need to find x first.
The right angle in the picture is 8x + (9x +5)
90 =8x + 9x +5
90 = 17x + 5
85 = 17 x
5 = x.
X is 5 so 8x is 40.

3. B. The opposite angles are equal to each other. and the sum of two angles side by side equal 180.
6x - 82 = 3x +23 
group like terms
6x - 3x = 23 + 82
3x = 105
x = 35.
Answer is B
4.B.   a complement angle added together will get you 90.
90 - 41 = 49
Answer is B