HELP PLEASE!The data in the table and on the scatter plot shows the relationship between the time of day and the total number of calories that a teenager consumes throughout the day. Time Number of Calories Consumed8am 52510am 67512pm 1,4252pm 1,6754pm 1,6756pm 2,1958pm 2,19510pm 2,395Write the equation of the best fit line in slope-intercept form. Include all of your calculations in your final answer.Hint: On the plot, the time is represented using a 12-hour clock. To get an accurate equation, you will want to represent the time using a 24-hour clock instead. For example, 2 pm can be represented as 12 + 2 = 14.

Accepted Solution

The generic equation of the line is:
 y-yo = m (x-xo)
 m = (y2-y1) / (x2-x1)
 Substituting values:
 m = (2000-2500) / (18-22)
 m = (- 500) / (- 4)
 m = 125
 We choose an ordered pair:
 (xo, yo) = (18, 2000)
 y-2000 = 125 (x-18)
 y = 125x - 2250 + 2000
 y = 125x + 250
 The equation of the best fit line in slope-intercept form is:
 y = 125x + 250