Given four functions, which one will have the smallest y-intercept?f(x)g(x)h(x)j(x)

Accepted Solution

Answer:g(x)Step-by-step explanation:y-intercept is the y cutting point, at x = 0.1. f(x)This will be an exponential function that starts from 6 and moves upward exponentially. So y-intercept is 6.2. g(x)We can see that at x = 0, the value of the function is 2, so that is the y cutting point. So y-intercept is 2.3. h(x)We can clearly see from the graph that the y-cutting point is at 4. So y-intercept is 4.4. j(x)We can plug in x = 0 into the equation to find y intercept. [tex]j(x)=10(2)^x\\=10(2)^0\\=10(1)\\=10[/tex]So y - intercept is 10.Smallest y-intercept is that of g(x).