A gardener wants to fence a circular garden of diameter 21 m. Find the length of the rope he needs to purchase, if he makes 2 rounds of fence. Also find the cost of the rope, if it costs 4$ per meter. ( Take π as 22/7 )​

Accepted Solution

Answer:a). total length of rope=132 mb). total cost of the rope=$528Step-by-step explanation:Step 1To get the total length of rope needed to cover the circular garden twice, we express this as;P=πDwhere;P=perimeterπ=piD=diameterIn our case;π=22/7D=21 mreplacing;P=(22/7)×21=66 m2×P=2×66=132 mtotal length of rope=132 mStep 2The expression to calculate the total cost can be written as;total cost=cost per meter length×total length of ropewhere;cost per meter=$4total length of rope=132 mreplacing;total cost=4×132=$528total cost of the rope=$528