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The brand new SellerDynamics and Linnworks: a multi channel ecommerce software comparison

When you are starting an online business, selling on multiple channels is a great idea and something that you should really consider. This way you will be able to reach a lot more customers than you would when selling on only one platform, and it is a great way for you to gain the audience you need in a short space of time. The perfect software will be a great addition and help to your online business and today we are going to help by giving you two great software options by doing a multi channel ecommerce software comparison between SellerDynamics and Linnworks, so definitely keep on reading.


If you are looking for a software that will give you all of the basic and most useful features, then this is the software for you. Apart from those usual features you will also get some of the more special features, like automated re-pricing, that will work for all of the main marketplace options out there. The price for this software is great and starts at 120$ per month and that will get you all you need to run your business smoothly. Another great perk is that you will be able to work with an unlimited number of marketplaces, regardless of the package you choose. Of course, there are also some downsides, one of the biggest one being the fact that the listing capabilities are very limited, and when it comes to Amazon there is no listing support at all.


The next software in this multi channel ecommerce software comparison is Linnworks, and it is a solution that is mainly marketed as an order management system. It has been around for years and over that time it has built a very impressive range of integrations, both native and third party, which means that there are few marketplaces and couriers that you won’t be able to connect to. Unlike SellerDynamics, with Linnworks you will be able to automate listings to Amazon and eBay, which is actually a rarity with most solutions. A big downside is the fact that this isn’t a solution that is completely web based, and is instead a hybrid of an online software and a desktop app, which means that you will have a limit to where and when you can access it.

When you are choosing the perfect software for your own business it is important that you look at what that software can get you, and that means that a good multi channel ecommerce software comparison like this is just what you need. We hope that you found this article interesting and that one of these two options will end up being the right one for you.